All About Wooden Wine Crates

by admin on March 12, 2012

For centuries, wineries around the world have stored and transported wine bottles in packed wooden boxes designed to prevent bottle damage from sudden impact, and wine damage from exposure to heat and light. Traditional wooden wine crates, also known commonly as vintage or original crates, are hand-crafted from various types of wood and then painted or hot brand stamped with information about the winery such as its name, location and logo. Some crates also have the year the winery was founded or year the wine stored in the crate was bottled.


As certain wineries, wines and crate artwork gained popularity, or became associated with certain historical events, famous people, artists and geographic regions, people began collecting wine crates as part of their wine investment or to display, trade or sell separately from their wine collections. As part of an overall wine collection investment, wine aficionados collect wine crates that match wine they’re collecting. Once a crate is filled with bottles similar to those it originally carried, the crate and wine are kept in a private wine cellar collection or sold privately or at auction.

Artwork and decoration

Another way people have used crates is as artwork or decoration in various areas such as homes, liquor establishments and restaurants. As with wine collection investments, artwork on certain crates is highly collectible and can fetch a high price at auction. Many people also put wine crate art on display in their homes in a whole or dismantled state or used the information panels from the crates to decorate walls, ceiling, floors, bars, doors and above door or window frames. Even people who are not fond of wine, consider wine crates to be a beautiful addition to nearly any room.

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In addition to their value as collectible items, artwork and decor, unpainted and painted wine crates are also used around homes and businesses for storage purposes as the size and shape of wine crates make them perfect for storage of a variety of items including magazines, firewood and toys. Some crates are designed with dividers that separate one section of the crate from another section making them perfect for small item storage. Depending on the size and interior design, crates and panels can also be used in a whole or dismantled state for bookshelves and other furniture such as benches and chairs. Many people also reuse wine crates in their flower or vegetable planter gardening projects.

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