Where to Get Wine Crates Free

by admin on January 8, 2012

So, where to get wine crates for free? A lot of people know that wine crates are reusable items, and over time they have been on the move to get wine crates so that they can use them for whatever purpose they have in mind. It can be a gardening pot, a pet bed or a pet feeder, but whatever the case may be, the most challenging task is the pursuit of a wine crate. Of course you may have some after you have downed bottles of wine after a birthday party or if you have hosted one, but after that, where will you get them?

Parties nearby

First of all, be on the lookout for parties that have ordered wine. You may check out your neighbor’s party or parties in your town or subdivision that may have ordered lots of wine. Naturally, they will have wine crates if they have bottles of wine. So what you can do is to check the host of the party or the organizer if they will be willing to give you the wine crates after they are done with the party. This way, you could be able to save some money instead of buying crates on your own.

Fine Beers

Wine stores

Check out local wine stores. Stores who sell liquor by retail may have stacks of wine crates at the back of their store and they will not even have use of it. So you can ask the owner if you can ask for the wine crates when they have emptied it. Usually most business owners just give these away for free. But some do sell. So if you are not sure, just ask the manager if they can give it to you at no cost at all.

Pubs and bars

Try checking bars. Some beer pubs or bars also sell wine, and if they do, then they definitely have wine crates available. All you have to do as usual is to ask if they can just give it away. The goal is to always get these crates for free. You can start a conversation first so as not to scare the manager, and then ask nicely if you can ask for a wine crate. Some cannot give all for free, but sometimes you can score up to at least three wine crates, which is definitely not bad at all.

Special events

Another way of getting wine crates is to raid a prom or wedding reception. Well the idea is to see if there are wine crates in a wedding reception or Prom party, but it’s not like you have to bust in and start chaos. Just ask the caterer if you can have the wine crates after the party is over. It is certain that the newlyweds will not mind because all they care about is their honeymoon. And most of the time, these types of parties have a lot of people in them – which means more wine – and more wine crates.

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