Where to Find Wine Crates for Sale

by admin on January 8, 2012

Stores or sites where you can get wine crates are easier to find compared to looking for places where you can get them for free. In this time and age, everything comes with a price, so if you are prepared to pay for it, chances are you will definitely get what you ask for. So if you are looking for wine crates and do not hesitate to slash a dollar or two off your wallet, then check out the list below and see where you opt to buy some wine crates.

#1 Local wineries

Stores that sell wine retail certainly have wine crates. And because the owner is a businessman, chances are he will ask for a certain amount if you want to get a wine crate from him. The reason why they also opt to sell instead of just giving it away for free is because they are also able to use it for interior decoration inside their store. Wine crates are lovely to look at and it gives their place a feel of class and elegance.

#2 Amazon.com

The easiest way to buy wine crates online is probably at the giant online store Amazon. All you have to do is type “wine crate” and you’ll get a large variety of crates with all kinds of materials, designs and prices.

Wine Crates

#3 eBay

Let’s admit it. Everything, literally, is on eBay. While almost everyone is on Facebook, everything on the other hand (all kinds of stuff) is on eBay. So once you use their search and type wine crates there, you will get results that sell wine crates. All you have to do is to contact the seller and then order their item. Of course you have to be ready to pay for it whether through PayPal or your credit card. Right after that you have to be particular with shipping details so you will not have any conflict with the person you ordered from. Just be careful that you do not deal with fraud sellers.

#4 Craigslist

This site has becoming more and more popular and you will not only see jobs in here but also items for sale. You just have to look for the right section where they sell items and you can be able to check out if there are wine crates in your area. You just have to narrow down your search according to the geographical location of your choice and then you can go ahead and contact the one who posted the ad. Usually the email addresses are not shown but once you email and they get back to you, you can now view their email. Encrypting their emails just ensures protection for both parties.

#5 Google

There is no other more efficient search engine on earth other than Google. If you will search with the right keywords, and then add the location where you are at, then surely you will get ads that match your query. You can go ahead then and contact the person who is selling wine crates in your area. Just make sure that you also look at the second page of the search so you have more options.

Or check out these wine crates for sale:

Old fashioned Wooden Wine Box 19.5″x13.5″x5.5″ Inside

Slatted 16x16x13″ Slatted Knockdown Crate

Twelve Bottle Wine Box with Slide Top

Wood Storage Crate

Walnut Hollow Roomy Box

Wooden Wine or Beverage Bottle Storage Box with Divider

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Winepine February 18, 2012 at 6:51 pm

You definitely summed up the best sources to find wine crates and wine boxes. It’s alot easier to purchase them from a reputable source online than to spend lots of time trying to find them. Personally, I’d rather have exactly what i’m looking for shipped right to my front door.
The other issue is that most wine stores don’t carry wine crates. 95% of all wine is stored in cardboard boxes. The only wines stored in wine crates are extremely expensive, and most wine stores don’t invest in just a few of the very expensive wines. They’d rather buy more of the less expensive wines.


Winepine April 18, 2012 at 4:16 am

Don’t forget Winepine! We offer both the finest original as well as custom made wine crates, personalized service and the largest selection available anywhere!


sauced July 22, 2012 at 10:46 pm

They didn’t mention it for a reason. These are helpful websites to find affordable wine crates for crafting typically. Whereas your site sells wooden BOXES and not for affordable. There is a difference.


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